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VRI Agrocity, is an undertaking that has developed as a response to Government Initiatives in emerging markets in the area of Food security, Wellness and Education. VRI Agrocity: Agro Science and Technology Park is an Integrated Food Park that institutes an Agro based ecosystem with distinct components of food processing and a retail food park housed in  VRI Agrocity. The retail food park is the ultimate fusion of themed agro based resort with fine dining and signature wine studios providing the consumer a gastronomical experience set amidst a thriving economic platform with the finest hospitality components.

The Agro Science and Technology Park, the processing component brings to the host country for the first time, the latest food technology with related state of the art Life Sciences Center which support both the food industry as well as the wellness aspect of healthy living. The education aspect is an integral part of the undertaking, which serves to support the development, as well as guarantee the delivery systems of the technology transfer being undertaken.

The strength of the undertaking by the Company is its leadership, the partner networks and its relationship with key players in the industry and the host country, and the fusion of food, wellness and education channeled through a complex delivery system, which we call the agro ecosystem. The projects are guided through a complex quality audit system and maintained to exceed International standards in every aspect.

For contact information please refer to the contact person designated and information provided.