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Urban concept of integrated agro park:
Agro science and technology and food  park, knowledge hub and healthcare


VRI  Group, positioned to launch integrated themed food park by bringing in a network of the following companies:
       1. RWPC, A beverage and food company with focus on wines
       2. VRI, A hospitality company focusing on agro resort
       3. NAWC, a healthcare and education company.
       These companies shall work together to create an integrated themed food park.

This  network of companies, has positioned itself to create urban lifestyle agro hubs:
A themed agro venture which will establish an urbanized agro hub with distinct components of agro park [food parks], agro entertainment [related to food park and indepenent equestrian lifestyle,  agro hospitality [wine resorts] with  wellness[healthcare ] and education, all coming together to create a complex agro hub

Distinguishing features of the network:
Developed long term relationships with world class brands and ability to bring food technology in speciality sectors, education hub with international top brands

Create an integrated food city , a world class project with brands that have not entered the region , and to bring substancial economic impact to the region,

The project component mix is:

Agro park and knowledge hub:

Processing and non processing agro science and technology park:
[processing]Food processing, greenhouse, speciality foods, winery and beverage production [blending technology], Biotechnology  and R & D cluster.

Non processing component of the park:
Food park:
Food retail, and hosptiality [which will include an agro resort].
Healthcare and education: World class speciality healthcare centers and education.
Entertainment: Food related and equestrian village, wine park and wine institute, gourmet food and wine lounges.

 Each component shall be branded with top notch brand names

Distinguishing features of the project components:
Agro park: Processing and non processing will come into the project with top notch brand names contributing significantly by name of technology, brand name.
Food park: Will bring in international chains which will be significant contributors.Hospitality: International brands which will bring significant visibility to the entire region, our food and wine lounges will be significant landmark world renowned brands in the food and wine area.
Entertainment: Branded mix: Unique to Asia
Healthcare and education: American brands with world known visibility in their area of expertise.

Model followed in Asia:

1.Similar model features: project components  are very similar: themed food venture with food park, processing zone, education, biotech, hospitality, etc.
2.model in these regions are  backed up the government initiatives, based on agro and education and training for related industries

Deficiencies in the current model:
1.Lack of modern technology  and
2.Education and training lacking in these sectors
3.Biotechnology is in nascent stages of development and  lack adequate linking between industry and education institutes which are poorly funded
4.Few international brands present compared to international models

VRI Group 

1.Project mix is similar, where the components are highly focused on food, hospitality for example is agro resort, biotech will have a focus on food related biotech, food park will be specialized into certain areas such as baby food and healthy foods etc.
2.VRI Group positioned to bring top notch us brands both in the agro area, education and healthcare, wellness company shall launch its specialized health care center backed up by top us brands.
3.Technical clusters as biotech, education, biotech are integral parts of the vri group blueprint.
4.VRI Group will institute a logistic center which will be an integral part of the agro park.5.VRI Group will plan to create one of a class happening place due to the lifestyle components of tech cluster, education, healthcare etc all focused around a central theme of food and wellness.

 VRI network of companies’ contributions that will provide significant enhancements to the project development

This network of companies shall provide:
1. Branded mix of project components such as branded integrated food park [with components of processing and non-processing], education cluster, healthcare
2. Contribute to the present hub blueprint by creating a lifestyle brands such as hospitality, education and healthcare
3. Bring to the state agro technology [food technology], biotech and healthcare and education
4. Help in creating a truly urban concept of the agro park with distinct elements articulated above
5. Bring to the farming community food processing technology and export /channels for  food production
6. Create a measurabel impact on the local economy and
7. Provide a truly international hub via its brand networks