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Corporate Profile

Strength of our leadership: the strength of our company is our leadership. Our team is led by a strong leadership in each area of the business plan. Our project plan which is based founded on targeting a healthy thriving lifestyle community is navigated by a strong team of physicians, who are veterans in their respective areas of work complemented by the world renowned experts in food technology and team leaders in the agriculture and risk management.  Our company has a strong vision and commitment and capability to execute and implement these projects as well as a pool of talent that our team depends upon. In summary our our distinguishing features are:
     ·    Vision and commitment of the same
     ·    Capability to execute and implement
     ·    Talent
     .    Network of partners

Company team leadership

 Our company leadership is headed by veteran team members who have extensive knowledge and experience in providing the balanced amalgamation of the several components of our objectives and features of our target plan. Our projects are based on the balanced fusion of food production chain and wellness supported by the education and the life sciences platform to advance these components. We call this our Agro Eco System which is the complete integration of these components. Thus the team leadership requires the expertise of food, agriculture grounded on principles of advanced healthcare. This in turn requires the leadership of the entire Agro Eco system to be grounded on principles of healthcare which create an awareness of healthy living by focusing on food and wellness. To achieve this goal our Company is headed by key successful physicians who are equipped to create the fabric of the healthcare which will in turn support the agro eco system.  An insight of the company leadership is provided in the corporate profile. The Company leadership acknowledges the key ingredients of Corporate governance as well as the need for risk management which is a key focus for our investors. To achieve this our company has instituted a separate division of Corporate Compliance and Risk management headed by a capable legal team which will focus in this area to achieve meeting the industry standards in such areas.  Today all corporations are focused on well governed corporate entities with a key focus on various compliance issues. Our legal team shall focus on maintaining standards that are targeted to exceed corporate governance mandates although our company will not be a publicly held corporation. A separate forum for investors and third party contractors and beneficiaries is established to hold a forum to address all such issues.