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Our company leadership is to institute for the first time thriving agro eco system which is a balanced fusion of agriculture [food production system] and healthcare supported on a strong framework of education and life sciences all coming together to provide a world class lifestyle. The vision requires the institution of an infrastructure of agro eco system, healthcare, education and life sciences, all blended together in thriving lifestyle communities.


VRI mission is to institute, develop and launch an agro based ecosystem, the integrated food park which is intended to complement host market government led initiatives in the area of food, wellness and education. This product shall be delivered via a thriving self sustained community set amidst a food production infrastructure and wellness and related education so as to provide a co-dependent multi economic platform where the community can access healthy foods, healthcare and education, all via one stop shop locations. This objective is based on various components of food production chain networked with healthcare and set amidst lifestyle components so as to create healthy communities. This mission was a result of the several trips undertaken by VRI during its prefeasibility period where the Company found that such export markets could not benefit of exporting elements of healthy foods and wellness separately without creating a thriving community that is set amidst educational infrastructure that allows a comprehension of the value of wellness, healthy foods and beverages, life sciences contributions that promotes the value of healthy living.


VRI Agrocity is a development of an urban self sustained thriving community integrated in a lifestyle of healthy living with a key focus on a dependable system of food chain and wellness. The Company leadership believes that to achieve this each of the following components will need to be instituted:
      ·   An integrated Food Park with related logistics.
      ·   A Wellness Center
      ·   Education
      ·   Life sciences to support all the above.