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VRI was formed by an American group that initially explored foreign and developing markets for export of healthy foods and beverages to provide a new definition of gastronomical experience.  The initial efforts were channeled via some of the largest and prominent US Trade delegations to these regions, covered in the press releases shown here.  In particular November 20, 2006 United States led a trade delegation under the navigation and stewardship of Mr. Frank Lavin, the then under secretary of Commerce and Trade which included about 238 US companies targeting entry to India. VRI participated in these trade delegations and gained a comprehensive awareness of the initiatives framed by the host government in the areas of food security, related logistics, health and education.  It is in response to these initiatives that VRI formulated its project trajectory which can be summed as; VRI projects are a response to the government led initiatives in the area of food, related healthcare and education, crystallized as a thriving self sustained world class lifestyle based integrated food hubs, a culmination of brand networks bringing together a lifestyle experience in food, healthcare and education. The end goal of such a planned response being the establishment of an eco system which would contain an integrated supply chain of high quality products and ingredients which a consumer base could easily access.Core values

Core Values

VRI team has focused and will continue to focus on the following core values

  • Development of integrated food parks, an agro ecosystem which are tailored to complement the target objectives of the government led initiatives in the area of food security, healthcare and education.

  • These food parks established and delivered via retail and hospitality channels and amidst a thriving economic platform.

  • The food parks contain a strong element of lifestyle components such as healthcare and education that make the park complete as a whole.

  • The food park contains a processing zone and non processing zone which gel together to provide a complete integration of the supply chain.